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December is a great month to start enjoying Paparazzi from the inside!  Join this month and you’ll receive a $50 back-office credit that you can use to buy your first pieces, or get exclusive Paparazzi office supplies to supercharge your business!  This credit is only offered by my up-line, so get in touch and let’s get your adventure started!

If you spend $70 or more a month on accessories, you can stretch your dollar further by becoming a consultant.  Consultants pay only $2.75 per item, excluding Kid’s items.  You only need to purchase 50PV, that’s 25 items, a month, again, excluding Kid’s.  You get a free item for every 10 items you buy, so you actually get 27 items for $68.75!  That’s like 13 free items for less than the $70 you were going to spend.

If you’re looking to make additional cash – who couldn’t use a little more of that – then this is an awesome way to get some cha-ching with your bling!  Earn 45% commission on every piece you sell, while expanding your circle of friends.  Meet other consultants at our regular monthly team meetings.

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